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Intersect by Lexus

Intersect by Lexus is a permanent experiential space in Meatpacking that opened Fall 2018. Featuring a restaurant, bar, cafe, and exhibition space, the Milk team was asked to concept and brand for the elevated environment, and design for a host of masterful moments. Design projects included digital content creation, website building, campaign ideation, and brand collateral. 


Digital Design, Branding, & Experiential Design






One of the asks from Lexus was to create an evergreen library of content under the brand pillars of hospitality, dining, experiential programming, and craftsmanship.

In collaboration with the creative team, we were able to shoot and edit in-house a collection of exceptional brand imagery to be used across web and social platforms. 


Website Design

The Intersect creative team was asked to put together a web and mobile experience that matched the eclectic experiential space in Meatpacking. The task: create a shopping experience, dining flow to handle reservations and ever-evolving menus, and special programming page to host digital invitations & experiences.

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